He Puts the Sip in Mississippi

So, whats been happening…

Last Wednesday I worked at the new Library, very cool. Set up 24 new computers there, and left many more still to be hooked up. Will be back there this Wednesday as well. Wednesday night Molly attacked a skunk and got sprayed. Having watched that episode of MythBusters, I knew baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap works better than tomato juice, so thats what I used.

Friday I worked, as did I Saturday, though Saturday I opened because Dan and I switched. Yesterday Jenn and I watched the SuperBowl, and made buffalo shrimp, buffalo chicken strips, chili cheese nachos, and pepperjack sticks (like mozzerella sticks, but different).

Today, I am working, then go to Delta for interview with Ferris admissions advisor, then CAD, then home. Tomorrow, of course, will be electronics, then speech, then home. Wednesday will be, as I said, work at Wirt. And Thursday will be lunch at OGW with Scott, then electronics, then machine tools, then sleep. Friday, I start at Wirt during my regular work hours.

I had hoped today would be slow, since we have been telling people for 2 weeks we closed on Saturday, but due to school being canceled everyone sent their kids here for me to babysit. Oh well, I still managed time to blog, so thats something.

So, since I have the Ferris appointment today, I was going through all me requirements and transcript, and found a goof in my planning. I am 1 credit short in one of the Gen Ed requirements for Ferris that I wanted to get done at Delta. Whether I should sneak in next year, or take a cooler class at Ferris (like Japanese or Russian), and some housing qustions are on my list so far, but I need to think up more later.

I have more pages on Google now, seems to go up every few days. Is exciting.

I got my state and federal tax refunds in on the 1st and 3rd respectively, and financial aid rebates are awarded tomorrow. Plus, I get paid on Friday. Woohoo, goodby credit card (sadly, not all of it though).

OK, thats all.

Will work on getting a new poll sometime soon.


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