All Gone

So, I was finally on google, I was listed, and then… I ruined it. I updated my sitemap, which is where google gets the listing of where my pages are, and google de-listed me till it reindexes. Few days I should be back up though.

I just saw the Wendy’s commercial again for their dollar menu, and part of it really bugs me. At the end, a man tells his wife “you look like a million crispy chicken nuggets.” Wait, the proper expression is a million bucks, and throughout the commercial they replace dollar menu items for dollars, so it seems right. When you think though (I know, you should never think, it takes away the funny, I’m probably the person who told yo that in the first place so you can’t quote it to me) there are 5 nuggets in a $1 box. That means he implied $200,000, not $1,000,000. If I was his wife, he wouldn’t be getting any for a while.

My speech for Oral Communications went OK I think. She said that since we barely covered anything yet, grades would be fairly lenient.

If any of you don’t know, and honestly 2 out of my 3 readers don’t, I am car shopping. I have been mostly looking at Volkswagens, and noticed something, power windows are actually rare. Believe it or not, the majority of the cars I have found have keyless entry and no power windows. Why would you get not just power locks, but keyless, and not get power windows? It just seems really odd to me.

Disney, yesterday, announced that they are buying Pixar for $7,400,000,000. I could have said $7.4 billion, but the zeros add drama. Steve Jobs, also CEO of Apple, owned 51% of Pixar, and thus gets 51% of the stock in the deal. He will now be, with a 7% share, the largest stockholder of Disney/Pixar/ABC (though just called Disney). We will see if that is a good, or bad, position to be in.

OK, that’s all for now.


3 thoughts on “All Gone

  1. Danielle says:

    have you ever had to get a power window motor replaced after it died?
    I just did it for all my windows in my car…
    it is *expensive
    *hard to find the parts for depending on the car
    *with older cars its even harder, considering my car is ten years old now…
    thats a couple reasons why people might not want power locks.
    I figure…is it so hard to roll the damn thing down?

  2. SB says:

    Ah yes, power windows. I’d have to say that I prefer the manual windows myself. Why? Well, when the car is off, you can still roll the windows down. When would this ever happen? – when you leave to go into a place of business and your passenger is left in the car without the keys. Yup…

  3. Ah, but it’s a VW, so if you have power windows, you need only stick your key in the door and turn it backwards to roll all 4 windows up. Fun.

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