A few of notes for you.

First, I did some looking, and the PowerBook has been named so since October 21, 1991 when the PowerBook 100 replaced the Macintosh Portable. It did not have a PowerPC until August 28, 1995. it is, therefore, Apple’s oldest brand name, as the Power Macintosh name didn’t debut until March 14, 1994, the iMac on May 6, 1998, and the iBook on July 21, 1999. It is one of their most recognizable brand names as well. So, with all this, I think we have a reason to be pissed if the name disappears, and I know I am not the only one who will always think of Apple’s high-end laptop as a PowerBook, no matter what name they put on it.

Second, after fretting and writing for a few hours this morning about my Oral Comm. class speech, I accepted my fate and went to leave for school. On the way outside I realized just how slippery it was, and decided that since I have gone to Delta before only to find the campus closed on my way in, I should check one more time. Sure enough, Delta had moved from a delay until 2:00 to all day closure. So, I get to go through all the worry again next Tuesday.

Third, to the person who commented at 7:17 AM EST on 1/16/06 (you know who you are), I consider that post to be spam, and if you do anything similar again, you will be banned form the site. I know you are a frequent visitor by your IP address, and am sure you don’t want it to come to that. Keep comments on topic, please. I like comments, I enjoy receiving and reading them, especially since none of you have blogs for me to read.


Anyway, that’s all.

Oh, wait, I wanted to also mention, I like Craig Ferguson.


2 thoughts on “Notes

  1. oooOOOOoooo spammy spammington.
    u must’ve deleted the comment.
    i have poems, but you don’t comment them, which is probably better anyway because them mah dad will think i’m suicidal, lol, or he’ll think i have lost my boyfriend in a deep dark well somewhere…which is certainly not the case.
    how are you?
    do u have any more pictures to post?
    its funny to see everyone.
    makes me smile, even if I abandoned that feature long, long ago.


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