I guess after nearly a week, I should update. I have been rather busy though. Between school, and work, and homework, and trying to get signed up for my last class, it’s been a week.

Yeah, by Statistical Process Control class was canceled, so got set up as independent study. Problem is me and prof have opposite schedules, so despite trying since before school started, I didn’t meet up with him till today. And, after all that, he has me sign one paper and hands me the syllabus, says “OK, see you whenever”. That’s it, figure it out on my own. Honestly, it might be better.

One of the people in my machining class is an MTP alumni like Scott and I and others. Also, I talked to Jim online a few nights ago. He’s in Washington state right now.

So, that’s about it. School is OK, electronics boring and public speaking scary. Work is OK too, though a little boring at times.

So, there you go. Enjoy.


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