MacWorld Expo 2006

So, the biggest day of the year for the Mac community, with the possible exception of the WorldWide Developers Conference, was today: the keynote address of the MacWorld Expo San Francisco. There was good, and there was bad. Here’s a summary:

    the Good

  • iWeb WebPage Editor/Blogger
  • Garageband Podcast studio
  • New Laptop includes iSight and FrontRow/Remote
  • Massive sales of iPods and itunes songs

    the Bad

  • New Laptop not named PowerBook, name going dead
  • still no spreadsheet in iWork
  • Updated systems were iMac and PowerBook, that were just updated, not mini and iBook that need updates

I can live with it all, mostly cause I have no choice. I am still peeved about the intel switch, because IBM does have a lower power G5, and no matter how much Apple screws with the numbers to make it seem better, the Intel platform can’t touch the G5. I can nearly guarantee that the PowerMac will go much longer unupdated than normal before going over to intel, so Intel has a chance to catch up with an 8 month old G5. Also, it seems it will likely get a name change as well, to something along the lines of Mac Tower Pro or something equally goofy.

Anyway, enough of that.

School is kinda blah so far. CAD seems OK, Electronics is going to bore me to death because it’s all intro stuff compared to Skill Center, and oral Communications is public speaking, which I don’t much like. Oh well.

Work is going OK so far. Will work again Friday noon to 5.

Notice my word count is now up to 90,641.

And in closing, hello “sweets”, and yes, I know who you are.

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