Let it Snow

I got the job, start Monday. It was going to be Jan 2nd, but they moved it up. Is custodial/maintenance at YMCA from 7:30 to an hour before class, Monday through Wednesday. Comes out at 22 hours a week. Over Christmas though I don’t fully know when I will be working yet.

I had my final math test today, and feel pretty good about it. I know I have A’s in CAD and Drafting, and as long as I get an 87.4% on math test I have an A there too. Manufacturing is close to the edge too depending on the test we had Tuesday and the presentation later today. So, worst case scenario, I get A, A, A-, A-. Not bad for a worst case, huh? Will let you all know final grades when I get them (Monday or Tuesday I think).

I got my books this week too. I have all but a course packet for my machine tools class. Only cost me around $500.

I need to come up with a new poll, but every time I decided to try I can’t come up with one. Soon, I am trying.

I guess that’s it for now. Enjoy the snow, sounds like a lot is coming.
BTW, uptime at 32 days, 3 hrs, and still going.


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