Happy Thanksgiving

I am almost done with my Folding@Home unit. I am on step 396 of 400. It should finish up over night.

My mom’s surgery went fine. That was Wednesday, btw.

Thanksgiving was uneventful. Went to grandparents, talked to Tim (he lives 2 doors down now), ate, blah blah.

Jenn went home for the week. Tuesday afternoon, till Saturday afternoon. She shadowed her mom around the hospital for a day and spent a lot of time with her family. Also, she went out with Gwen on Wednesday and Friday night.

I am down to the 18 misdated blog posts. All 278 of the others are edited though.

Scott brought my mom cookies too. They were good, except i couldn’t figure out his secret code. Two M&Ms was marshmallows and 3 was none, or something. Either way, we need to go get some Genji.

I think thats about it. Not much has been going on really.

Maybe something good will soon. I will let you know if it does.

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