Still More Site Updates

So after looking on search engines, I have found that I am listed on Yahoo, Altavista, and the google blog search, but not on MSN, Lycos, or main google. I did find that it can take 5-8 months to exit the google “sandbox” though, and since site in only 3 months old, and last site took about that long, I have decided everything is OK, though I would prefer to be listed. Also, I am wondering when the old site will be removed from search results, since it hasn’t existed in a month and a half.

I added a site history page, including screen shots of the old sites. I also updated the site’s front page and to-do list, and tinkered with the style sheet. I am liking it much more now, but still requires more work. Also, I changed to a different poll, and think this is the one. It is actually a WordPress plugin, so integrates very well. Easy for me to edit, and seems to work well for you too. We will see how it goes.

As far as Sarah’s comment on the weather, no, I cannot like this weather. Yes, today is better than the past few, but high winds and snow just aren’t for me. Like I said a month ago, I like Autumn, it’s just too bad it’s only a month long season. Thank you for commenting though.

One thought on “Still More Site Updates

  1. Cindy says:

    Your website is gorgeous! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying watching its progress and hope when I begin building one for the clinic I’m working for I’ll be able to become half as proficient as you.

    I found your website when I did a Google search of your name late one evening (or perhaps early some morning?) I’ve missed hearing about your life and became a bit of a voyeur enjoying reading about it from a distance.

    Keep up the good work,

    Godmother Cindy

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