1000 Visits

First, I have reached 1000 visits on the new blog. Actually, I’ve reached 1017, but uh, anyway, Sarah got the visit at 9:30 am Nov 10.

I watched Bewitched last night. It was pretty good, funny, and not too stupid (with Will Farrell that can happen). I watched the first 20 minutes or so with Jenn, but then she left for work.

Yesterday Jenn was supposed to work, but was called and told she didn’t need to come in, but was on call till 2 am. So, we went to Menards and Tractor Supply to look for a christmas gift for her dad, then to the mall, then to Shannon’s (who she worked with at Staples) going away party at Hooters. On the way home, we rented a movie (see above) and settled in for a night on the couch. About 20 minutes later, around 11, Covenant called and asked for her to come in. She was my ride, and I was lazy, so I decided to stay and watch the movie. I ended up staying up till 6, then waking up at 7 till she got home, then went to sleep at 8ish when she did.

And finally. I know most of the people that read the blog, thanks to my wonderful counter. Jenn, Scott, and Sarah I know are frequent visitors, but there is one more. It says the IP is registered to RoadRunner in Austin, TX, and I know my cousin Cindy has RoadRunner service, and lives in Austin Texas. And it’s a fairly frequent visitor, so not a random occurrence, let alone that I am still not on search engine for a random occurrence to occur anyway. So, the only answer is whether it’s Cindy, Rachael (sp?), or Sam. So, whoever it is, i would appreciate an email, comment, or IM letting me know, cause I am always curious.

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