Yes, I admit it, I have slightly neglected the blog for the past, uhm, 9-3=6 days. I have a good reason though, I just wont tell you. I have my reasons.

I am down to 86 iblog posts to edit, including the 18 misdated ones, out of 296 total. That means 210 edited so far, with the most recent unedited post being that of May 10, 2004. That means less than a year of posts remaining.

School is going, thats all I can say for it. This week I had a drafting and manufacturing test, as well as a math quiz, and will have a math test on Monday. Fun fun.

Jenn survived the weekend of being up 26 hours, sleeping about 5, being up 19 hours, then sleeping 6. This weekend she works Friday and Monday nights.


This is part of why I haven’t posted, nothing to write about…

On December 2 in Sandusky is “the Original” Country Lighted Farm Implement Parade. Looks like fun.

OK, that’s it. Will try not to go as long again, probably post Saturdayish.


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