Clarification on the Poll

I have pretty well decided that my domain name will be hooji, but my top level domain (TLD) is still in question. My options currently would be anything but a .com, as is in use until June 2006, but may become available after that. So, the poll has most of my possible choices, but the full list is .com, .net, .us, .info, .name, and .ws. There are others, but they don’t really fit. Actually, these don’t all fit, as .com is supposed to be for companies, .net for ISPs, and .info for sites that provide reputable and useful information. So, that leaves .us, which is a country code TLD for, well, the US, .name, for people’s names I suppose, and .ws, the country code for Western Samoa, but more often used as a short for website. So then, we come down to other factors, like price. .com costs $7.17 a year, .net, .org, and .info are $7.43, .us and .biz a mere $5.95, .name $7.22, and .ws $8.45. .us and .biz are actually $6.35, but are on sale apparently, and .com, .net, .org, and .name have an additional $.25 a year reg fee that the others do not. Beyond price, is availability, as I said, all are available but .com, which may or may not come available in June 2006. If I wait for it and it doesn’t, I will need to either wait another year, or just choose a different one. So, all this put together, it seems to me that /us would be my best bet, as its designated use is correct for me (actually, its the only one, since I am not a buziness, non-profit organization, ISP, company, live is Western Samoa, provide much useful info, or plan on using my name as the domain). Also, it is cheaper than most of the rest. But, just the same, I am asking for your opinion, since I honestly wouldn’t mind going for .net, and a .com is always the coolest choice, I’m just nervous of waiting and it turning out for nothing.

So, thats a “short” explanation of the poll.

If you want to choose other on the poll, or would rather see a different domain than hooji, voice that opinion in the comments for this post.

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