Happy Birthday Scott!

Jenn and I were driving down Wilder and I said “Ohh, we could go see Scott”, so we did. We talked for a bit about laser guided temperature probes, but then his pizza arrived so we left. Just an hour ago though, when I came home, I was greeted by iCal notifying me It’s Scott’s Birthday! I can’t believe I forgot. If you asked me what day his birthday was, I would tell you it’s today, but I just didn’t remember. So, sorry Scott. Happy Birthday.

After 72 hits from the Ask Jeeves robot in 2 days, I decided to turn off counting for robots. So, my counter will slow way down now, but its for the best. I thought it was going up pretty quick, I am at 914 after less than 3 months, but old blog took over 9 months to get that far.

I am, for the time being anyway, giving up on writing a poll. I finally did find one that works fairly well, and think I am going to stick with it. I managed to get as far as taking a vote from a form, writing it to a file, and telling you what your vote was. Reading from the file was next, but graphing is what daunted me, as well as writing in a format that was easily read from. Searching strings for specific text has always been one of my weaker points in programing.

Today we had Famous Dave’s Barbecue. Not bad at all, though a bit pricey. Jenn Chris and I went, and I think I would like to return sometime.

That would seem to be about it. No, the newer poll isn’t turned on yet, but soon. And remember to change clocks tonight.


Why does a chicken coupe have two doors?
Because if it had four doors, it would be a chicken sedan!

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