Sometimes You Just Have to Do It Yourself

So, after several days (both now and over the last few weeks) of looking for a poll script to use, and fidgeting to get them working, I decided screw it. I can probably write my own script in far less time, get it working, and make it do whatever I want (eventually anyway). So, I tried making my own. No, it doesn’t record your vote, or show you a graph, yet. I will keep with it though, because it already at least works, which is better than 8 of the 10 I have tried so far.

I did much better on my test than I had thought. I managed an 87% on it, which I think is amazing considering on Wednesday after the test I would have said I got an 80 tops.

That, however, is all I have for now. So, I will see you all whenever I have something else. See you all later.


One thought on “Sometimes You Just Have to Do It Yourself

  1. Jenn says:

    i like the fact the poll can be voted multiple times, however need graph, but you created it yourself, which is very cool. 🙂

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