More Updates

I made a lot of updates to the website. First, was the addition of a poll in the blog sidebar, though I may be swapping that out for a better one soon. Next, was the addition of links in the blog sidebar to the gallery and homepage. These were both by request. Then I got into the bigger stuff though, and added a header to all the site pages and changed the sidebars to only show links within the section, rather than a dauntingly long list of links you didn’t much care about. So now section links are on top, and inter-section links on side.

Also, I added all-new galleries, as well as finally getting my resume up, a to-do list, and more. There is a list of updates on the front page too. You can keep track of what I am working on on the to-do if you like, or email me with anything you want added, or just IM me.

Anyway, something else…

I finished a work-unit in folding@home finally. I got 138 points for it too. Hopefully I get smaller ones for a while now.

Jenn got me a cellphone, cause working at Covenant gets her a good deal on an add-a-phone.

OK, I think that’s all for today, probably bored you more than enough with an all-tech update.



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