Math test today was not good. I knew 99% of the stuff, but I couldn’t finish due to spending too much time on a problem I didn’t remember how to do. Will see on Monday how I did.

Apple released updated Powermacs and PowerBooks, and a new program. Program sounds like somewhere between iPhoto and Photoshop, and is $499. Powermacs are now dual core 2.0, 2.3, and dual dual core 2.5GHz (thats 4 2.5GHz processors). Also have 16x PCI Express graphics and an open 8x and 2 4x PCI Express slots, dual Gigabit ethernet, and support for up to 16GB DDR533 RAM and 1 TB of HD. Powerbooks had 2 models dropped (those with combo drives), and the 15″ and 17″ got graphics updates as well as higher def displays and DDR 533 support,. Still no 13″ widescreen though (my dream to replace the 12″, not that I will buy till intel switch and I have $$ anyway).

Speaking of GB and TB, Scott found this cool numbers site. Sexoctagentillion, hah!

Not a lot else.

I am overall liking my current update schedule, approx. every Sunday and Wednesday, give or take. Let me know what you think.

I have work planned for the site over the weekend, so if you have troubles or see something weird, no worries. And I have a surprise for you all coming too. 🙂

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