Google, Index Me Please!

Apple now has a teaser for Ice Age 2 up, featuring the saber tooth squirrel. It looks pretty good, we will see.

This week, I think, is mid-point of semester, that’s exciting.

Jenn is no longer employed at Staples, he last day was yesterday. She got some nice going away gifts though. Also, she now has a kitchen table. It was on clearance at Meijer. Granted, she has no chairs for it, but still, she has a table.

We had Rudy J’s for dinner. It was good, very filling.

Ooh, just started raining hard.

I cleaned off my end table last night. Mostly paperwork. On the bottom, was a ticket from burger King for $1 off on Amazon. That was when, June? I think earlier. Yeah, I needed to clean.

What else… Uhm, Oh! Notice on the sidebar that the archives used to make a long list of all the months I have posted in, but I have now put into a drop-down list to use less space. it’s something I was going to include in the new template, but decided to throw it in here too.

OK, that it all I do believe. Nothing good over the weekend really, and nothing big with school other than an 18/20 on math quiz today.

Ok, see you all later then.


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