Post 314 (316)

This is my 314th post, but WordPress thinks it’s 316, due to the example post and such. Fun fun.

They are making Ice Age 2 for 2006, yay! It’s actually funny, because I was really hyped about the first one and watched the preview a lot, but it turned out just kinda OK, but definitely good. I actually found it while looking up John Leguizamo because he’s going to be on ER starting next week, not sure if 1x or recurring.

In other news,
I had a really nice quiz on Monday, got a 19/20. And I found out today I don’t need to take one of the classes I thought I did.

On the website, I edited a crap load of posts, and am now down to 116 now. I also got more work on the template, as Scott saw. It’s still not very pretty, but it’s going.

I think that’s about it. Nothing else I can think of anyway.

Alright, talk to you all later.

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