New Toys

OK, I don’t have new toys, but Apple announced new ones today. First up is video capable ipods. Also, is the additions of more music videos as well as TV episodes to the iTunes Music Store. Currently, they only have Pixar shorts and a selection of Disney/ABC series including Desperate Housewives, Lost, That’s So Raven, and a few more. But, you can view them on your computer or iPod, or transfer them to your iPod and view on your TV.

Other new toy is new iMacs. Now up to 1.9 or 2.1GHz G5, 512MB RAM (DDR-533, ooh), faster ATi X600 128MB Vid. Cards, and 160, 250, or 500GB HD. The big new features though are that they ship with a remote to control your songs, videos, and pictures, including a new interface for browsing them all in one place and direct access to the online move trailer collection. Also, is a now-integrated webcam in the top of the iMac, for video conferencing, taking your pic for a buddy icon, or whatever else you want. I really like these, but still don’t see me buying one since A) I don’t have $1599 and B) the Intel switch will obsolete all PowerPC based Macs, despite them being better chips.

That’s all for today, check all the new stuff out on Apple’s site. General update tomorrow.

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