Lots of Misc Stuff

So first up is stuff I forgot last time. Saturday evening there was a rabbit that snuck up on us while camping. It sat about 10 ft away eating something. We tried to get a picture but it camouflaged in rather well Also, we tried to go for a walk to check out the mini cabins, but the one we chose was in use. The gate in the road going up to it was locked, so we thought was vacant, but apparently the DNR gives whoever takes it the keys. Maybe someday we will rent one, that could be cool.

The new site schedule. OK, rather than a strict 3 days, I will now post all willy nilly, but within reason. There will be a 5 day maximum between posts, and no posts like “nothing” and that’s all. That just doesn’t count. With any luck, my posts will improve due to not “needing” to post at certain times.

The old site is now gone. It ended with a Yahoo search bot at 11:57pm. Is funny Yahoo would spider the site for searching 3 minutes before it becomes unavailable. Anyway, that was the 6017th, and final, visitor. The total visitor marker list is:

Jul 06 03 – 0 Counter Installed
Sep 21 03 – 100
Oct 12 03 – 200
Nov 15 03 – 400
Dec 16 03 – 600
Jan 15 04 – 650
Feb 17 04 – 750
Mar 09 04 – 850
Apr 03 04 – 950
Apr 07 04 – 1000
Jul 16 04 – 1500
Aug 21 04 – 2000
Mar 07 05 – 4000
Jul 06 05 – 5000
Aug 31 05 – 5744 switch
Sep 28 05 – 6000
Sep 30 05 – 6017 final

And that’s all for the old site. Eventually, I will rescue the old comments. It just might take a few months.

Jenn got a call on Friday, that she was hired at Covenant in Saginaw. She will be a nurse’s assistant in post-op on 3rd shift. It’s 3 days every 2 weeks, but pay is better than staples, and their 12 hour shifts. She is very excited, but a little scarred.

In the last, ehh, 72 hours, I have applied for Co-ops at both Saginaw Metal Casting and Bay City Powertrain. I hope I get one, it would be nice to have a job, especially a good one. Having been in MTP should help, but I will be the first to admit I don’t have the best GPA.

Other than all that, Jenn and I rented A Family Guy Movie: Stewie Griffin, the Untold Story. It was pretty good, basically 3 Family Guy episodes back to back that all were interrelated. Good though.

I think that’s all.

Keeping it real, real crappy.

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