Camping 2005-3

OK, I decided I am going to move away from the 3 day schedule. Also, Jenn got a job. But, that and all about my old site, can wait till next time. This entry is about camping.

We went up Friday, taking the same spot we had last time. Set up camp and all that, and made a fire. Dinner was the last half of our Subway we got on the way up. We went to bed a little after 10. The night was cold, but we stayed warm thanks to a good tent and sleeping bags.

Saturday Jenn was up first, and had breakfast going by the time I was up. Tater tots, eggs, and biscuits. Yum. After breakfast, and a little sitting around, we toured the park including a return to the lookout tower and down to the footbridge. Next was a little fishing, though we had no luck. Jenn did enjoy napping on the dock though. Lunch was hot dogs, then a nice game of Trivial Pursuit. We now have the “90’s Time Capsule” edition, which makes things a little easier.

Later, we had dinner of hamburgers and zucchini. The rest of the night was just sitting around the campfire admiring the pitch black around us. We went to bed around 1. Saturday evening was a little warmer than Friday.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed home. There was some construction in Arenac County, same as when we headed up, but nothing big.

Yes, I have pics, and will have them up within a week. There were many hunters up there, for some bird season, and for deer archery opener on Saturday. This made things strange, as you could hear shotgun fire at least once per hour most of the day. Kinda like camping in Saginaw. Also, the acorns were falling, so you would occasionally hear them fall crashing through leaves to the ground, which would scare you especially at night.

Jenn and I also bought some air-soft BB guns at Meijer Thursday, which we used frequently up camping. We lost alot of BBs, but recaptured many too. They came with sights, but they aren’t great ones. They are fun though.

OK, I will have Jenn remind me of anything I forgot, and that , the new schedule rules, and the old site, and more on Jenn’s job will be next time.

See you then

I don’t scare easy, i’m too dumb.

2 thoughts on “Camping 2005-3

  1. Suchyta says:

    I’m going to guess that the acorn thing is just one of those crazy “nature” things. much similar to like when you’re walking through the woods minding your own business and you’re randomly abducted by a vampire bat. not that that kind of thing happens often, but occasionaly you can’t avoid it.

  2. SB says:

    Camping trips are one of the best things in life. ROCK on! If you ever find yourself in the Upper Penninsula, I HIGHLY suggest camping up there. It’s an awesome experience. Peace yO!

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