6349 visits?

Well, despite doubts from a certain someone, the old blog has passed 6000 visitors and currently sits at 6002. Jenn was 6000 btw, I asked her to check how many I was at and she ended up being the 6000th. Friday evening at midnight though, it poofs away forever. Still though, that 6002 plus the 347 here is a crapload of visits.

Jenn and I are, were pretty sure, going camping Friday, Saturday, and returning Sunday. That means that the Saturday post will be delayed until Sunday afternoon, or just pre-posted on friday afternoon.

Delta released their winter schedules this week, so I have been going through and trying to schedule my courses. I looked back through the fall and spring/summer schedules too, so I could figure out what courses are offered only during certain semesters. Sadly, it looks like I will still have a full year past this winter,, plus another 3-4 semesters at Ferris, but I have no one to blame but me for being so indecisive on my Major.

I think that’s it. Never did remember the additional thing from last time.

Oh, and comment damn it, no one has in a while. I feeling lonely.

And yes, I know I need a poll.

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