Mmmm, Bacon

So, River of Time was cool. I did as I wanted, and talked to the bagpipers. They were from the Midland Highlanders and were way better than me. Anyway though, they offer classes for free as long as you join their free club for a while. So, not only can I get free bagpipe lessons, but as payment I get to play in parades and at next years River of Time. Coolness. Also, as always, I got some rootbeer and kettle corn. Jenn had the cherry fizz. The redbearded irishman was there as well, but we didn’t get to see any of his children’s games. Jenn really enjoyed them last year.

Moving on, I have nothing else.



I guess keep on enjoying the new template. It has a calendar.

Ooh! Family Guy movie on DVD Tuesday! Don’t rent it till Wednesday though, to make sure there is one for me.

Well, I thought of something else, but can’t remember it now, so ohh well. Maybe Wednesday.

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