Happy Fall

Fall is my favorite season. It’s cool out, all the trees change to cool colors (technically, yellow, orange, and red are warm colors, but you get it, right?). The air smells good (yes, even the sugar beet plant, I can smell the sweetness inside there somewhere), the last of the produce comes ripe, including the wonderful squash. It’s all just so nice. I need to go out camping in it. Maybe in 2 weeks. I love fall.

I am a little bothered that I haven’t done much here lately, but I have been busy with school and homework, so at least I wasn’t just being lazy. I need to update some webpages, work on the gallery, and fix more old blogs. At least I changed the theme. Not now though. Maybe later tonight.

Speaking of the site, Apple updated .Mac. See, long ago, .Mac was called iTools, and was free. Then, evil spammers started using the service (and Apple saw a chance for profit) and it had it’s name switched and a $99/year fee applied. So, on the day this happened, many people all signed up at once. Now, each year in September, all these people fret and complain that they, 70%-ish of the .Mac subscribers, used to get the service free, and that Apple better upgrade the service if they want them to stay members. So, Apple does. And, being September, they just did. From the original 100MB, to last years 250, and now 1GB of space, along with a few other things. Now, granted, GMail gives you 2GB, but it’s just for email, .Mac lets you use it as a remote disk. So that’s cool, but I don’t need 1GB, nor do I have $99. If there was a $20 100MB and it came with PHP and MySQL so I could keep WordPress (which I vastly prefer over iBlog) I would consider it. But, since that didn’t happen, Apple will be 1 more member short come next Saturday.

School is OK. I had a Pre-Calc test Wednesday, so no homework for the weekend, woohoo. I have a major, and a plan, and it excites me. I need to talk to a counselor at Ferris though I think, or maybe one of the counselors at Delta could help me, I don’t know.

I am running Folding@Home again. Only as a screensaver though, not the full background app. I haven’t completed a work unit yet though, after like 3 or 4 days of running it.

River of Time is this weekend. You should all go, because it’s cool. It’s another good part about fall.

Not sure what else.

I guess that’s it.

Yeah, that’s it.

Enjoy the fall.

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