Poor Little Guy

My pet mouse died 😦

OK, maybe it wasn’t a real pet, just a random mouse that found a way into my room, but still. After 4 days I was getting attached to the little guy. He (or she) gave me something to do, listen to, and watch. Yeah, it was a little annoying when he ran around at 2 am or knocked things around on my shelf making loud startling noises, but still, he was cool.

I couldn’t see that he just wanted somewhere warm to stay, and some food to eat. Sure, I would say that “If he had come to me, I would gladly have housed him in my aquarium and fed him well”. But I couldn’t see at the time that he was, of course, scarred of me, as I was 80 ft tall in his eyes. And I kept thinking to myself, “But he could have mites, or fleas, or who knows”, but it wasn’t his fault. He was in no way in the wrong. He did nothing unmouselike, or even, it could be argued, unhumanlike. Now i see all this, but it is too late.

I had to go and be a bastard, I had to go and be a big evil bastard. I had to set a trap. And now, I have to live with the consequenses, because though he outsmarted me for 4 days, he finally succumbed to the temptation of lemon Jolly Rancher. So, at 6:20 this morning, my poor little friend passed away, due to a severely fractured skull and spine (it actually woke me up, though I didn’t realize what it was until about 3 hours later).

So, rest in peace little guy, and I am sorry. You will always be my friend, though I certainly did not act as a friend to you. I hope you can forgive me. You taught me a valuable lesson about the flaws of man, though you were only a little mouse.

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