It’s a strange thing. I use iTunes for all my music on my computer (like 99.9% of all mac users) and like many jukebox programs, it allows you to rate songs. I have a problem with this though, It allows you to choose from between 0 to 5 stars for each song. Why would you even have a song though, if you only thought of it as a 0 or 1 star? Hell, anything under a 4 should probably go. So, you need to totally rethink the way things are categorized when you rate your songs. It really screws with my head to do it.

Mill End is now at 70% off everything, right down to the racks and lights. I need to get over there and see what’s left.

Jenn and I went to the Birch Run RV show. It was pretty cool, some neat stuff.

We also ate at Arby’s. The gyros are good, but lamb is better.

I have currently spent $0.15 on bandwidth/storage. Not bad really. I figured like $3 a year, and $0.26 a month, so we aren’t too bad yet.

All right, See you Monday, with more than this I hope.

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