301st Time's the Charm

So, I am now up to around 115 edited posts. That’s pretty impressive I think. After I have finished editing all 296 posts, I will return to work on the gallery, and try getting polls back up.

I am strongly considering changing my posting method. Rather than the “every 3rd day” that has honestly served me quite well, I am considering moving to a more willy nilly method. Instead of every 3 days, I would post as I wanted, as things happened. This means that:

  1. I could post things right away, rather than up to 3 days later when they are no longer as fresh in my mind
  2. When posting, I would only write on a single topic, making it easier to categorize them. If I had multiple topics, I could make multiple posts at once. This means no more reading about Apple’s new mouse to find out how my job interview went.

The downside, of course, is that I may slack off. The only reason I post sometimes is because for over 2 years, I have always just posted every 3 days. We will see I suppose. Maybe the first new poll on this site.

I noticed the old blog is at around 5700 visits. I checked in SiteMeter and it is expecting, based on the last month, another 300 or so visits this month. That means there is a chance the old blog will make it to 6000 visits before being deleted by Apple of Oct 1.

I looked up the new Triple Whopper with Cheese. Around 1500 calories, and 45 grams of fat. Add in fries and you’re maxed out for the day.

Remember the BBDB? My great idea to sort and enter all my Baseball Cards into a database? Yeah, that never happened. Just wanted to let you know.

Jenn is now sick. We had thought she got me sick, but now we think it was my Brother, then me, then my Mom, then Grandma, and now Jenn. It is odd though, because if my Brother brought it in first, my Mom and Grandma should have been sick before me, as they have weaker immune systems. Guess not. Who knows.

OK, I think that’s it for my 301st blog. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

One thought on “301st Time's the Charm

  1. jenn says:

    What you should do is set a limit, like you MUST post at least every week, or five days, or something like that; but other that you can post whenever you want. Then you won’t have to wait to say something you want to say, but you wont be able to slack off.

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