Three hundred!

Yay! My 300th post. Granted, it was really a few back, since I deleted some, but this is the official one. The one that really counts.

School is going well. None of my classes seem too horrible. Though, I am out of Fin-Aid money for books and supposedly will still need 1 more, but that’s how school goes.

One of the very cool parts about having Word-Press is, I am at Jenn’s, on her computer, and can post a blog. I love that.

All the old posts are now on this blog, but around 60 of them got screwed up dates. I am working on fixing that, along with deleting incorrect line breaks that were carried over somehow. Want to have it all fixed over the weekend, but probably not. My goal is at least the mis-dated ones.

I made mussels for dinner. It was OK. The pasta and sauce were real good, the mussels were just scary. Like I told Jenn, worst case scenario is we die.

Notice that now, under (or over, I forget) the counter in the blog sidebar is a word counter. I will of course have a special entry for my 100,000 word, but that’s a ways off.

I think that’s it. Enjoy the now-official new blog, and have a good weekend.

Poll’s will return when I get all the old posts straightened out. I have enough to work on for now.

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