I Want to Play the Bagpipes

I do, sadly, I really do. I think it would be cool. Nobody would like me while I learned, especially my family and neighbors and anyone else I practiced around, but who cares, in the end I would be able to play the bagpipes! I mean, how hard could it be, really?

Also, in researching all this, I found a band called Enter the Haggis. Seriously, a scottish bagpipe rock band. Some of their songs are actually really good, to me anyway, but I want to play the bagpipes, so what do I know.

So, to get started I need to get a practice chanter, which is basically the part of the bagpipe that goes from your mouth to the bag, looks kinda like a flute. This is what your supposed to learn on when your first starting out, and to practice new songs even when your an old vet. I have seen them on eBay and the sorts for $35ish. Also, I am going to ask some people at the river of time for suggestions. I have no intention of jumping right in after all, since I am poor, and I am afraid of the horrible sounds I will make.

In other news, There is this post, the 26th, and the 29th, thats it, in case I haven’t warned you enough.

Thursday is 2 weeks to my birthday.

Two weeks from today I have an interview for RadioShack. Hopefully I get an interview this time, instead of just standing around waiting then being told to go home, after being told 3 times that the store I am applying for isn’t hiring despite me having talked to the store’s manager just 2 days earlier and being told they were.

I still don’t have books for school, they weren’t in yesterday when we went to look. I will try Thursday, and if not go early for call Monday. Is scary I have only like 5 days left, especially after 481 days off (as of today).

Tomorrow will be a year since Jenn and i went to Mackinaw. We are trying to work in a camping trip the week after Labor Day, and I would like another one during fall colors. We will see.

I have the gallery up , as well as an online status indicator on the new site. Gallery is pretty much as it was on this site. I will be making modifications to it over tonight though.

Today Jenn and I went fishing at State Park, and I caught the biggest weed I ever have. Really, this was a big weed, like 4 foot long, and weighed a metric shitload too!

Also today, I installed our back screen door, and yesterday we finished the fence.

OK, I think that is it.



Darkmatter, each pound of which weighs more than 10000 pounds!

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