the Post that Evens Everything Out

So, as suggested in the title, this is the post that will make everything even. Now, my first real post here, the next one here, will be 300. Woohoo!

I have a bunch of pics scanned in to put up in the gallery, but I can’t. They all have a big heap load of whitespace from scanning and I can’t edit it out. iPhoto crashes because I don’t have enough RAM and the rest of my editors don’t work as well. Soooo… until I get about $110 for a RAM upgrade, the photos will just have to sit.

I do have the Stories section up, and a few other pages. Also, I have a counter display on all my pages and a “Go 1 year back” feature installed in the blog, for when I get the old posts up.

So, I guess that’s it. No more posts here for about 2 weeks. Stay tuned to the old blog till then.


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