Status Update

So, a little update on where stuff is.

I have the counter working on all the pages I have so far. I also am applying a Creative Commons license to the site, and likely the blog when I figure out how.

The website template is coming along. It sucks because my coding abilities are more than what I would ever need (except php, still working on that) but my creative skills on layout, graphics, and color schemes are not what I would like them to be. Ohh well.

I will create a my own template for wordpress eventually, like I said above though, not great on php yet, nor do I know all of WPs own little codes.

On the blog, you need to enter an email address and name to comment. It will then send it to me for approval. Once you are approved once, you may comment all you want without additional approval. If you want to use a fake email, I don’t care. Just remember it so you don’t need constant re-approval.

So, by the current plan, I will not make any other posts here until September 1st, so go back to the other blog until then, or August 29th anyway. I may make another status update here I guess. I will continue working on the template, then get up a new main page, followed by some info pages and then the gallery. My iblog posts will not be moved until August 30th at the earliest. May be longer depending on what else I am doing. I don’t want to transfer them now only to need to do a second transfer of posts made between now and month end.

OK, that is all I suppose. Off to see if I can reset the post count, since this isn’t really the 3rd post like it’s telling me (there was a default 1st post that I deleted).


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