Grrrr, Bastards

So after applying for a position listed as “Permanent Part-Time”, and having it changed to “Temporary Part-Time”, I was disappointed, but was willing to live with it. The, it was changed to “May no longer be available”. What? Either it was filled, or it’s still open, right? Now, today, I got the final kick in the shin. It is NOT available. From what I have heard here and there, MBS and Minneapolis just had a communication issue, that lead to the hiring of a new person to replace a person that never left. Hence, I got boned. I have no choice but to look at the good side though. I got a free trip to Minneapolis, I will be first to know when the next spot opens up, and I am already half through the interview process when it does.

My Uncle Steve was in over the weekend. He had just left last blog, but I was too rushed to mention. He arrived Thursday night, and left early Saturday morning, 1:30am ish. DJ and Pat were with him too. Since they weren’t here long, I didn’t get to see them much, too bad.

Alpena was OK. We ate, left, arrived, ate, slept, ate, ate, came home. Yeah, that’s about it. We delivered Jenn’s parents their new computer, which is quite a bit nicer than their old one. They should enjoy it, much faster and the price was good too.

OK, I believe that is all.

See you Friday.


I’m gonna hit you so hard, it’ll knock your name out’ta the phone book.
Then, I’m gonna call Ma Bell and have her put you back so I can do it again.

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