If I Knew, I Would Tell You

OK, so I don’t know yet. I was supposed to find out about the job today, but I didn’t. Apparently, “She’ll be back Wednesday” does not mean “she will be back in the office on Wednesday”, but only that “she will be back, not necessarily anywhere useful, on Wednesday, and when she will be in the office is anyone’s guess”. Yeah, exactly.

I have more pics up, and have changed large images to 800×600. I will begin scanning in some pics soon I think. If you have any problems with the 800×600 thing, say so.

I need to go for a bike ride while it’s cool out. Granted, today was almost too cool, having not reached the 70s till around noon. This weather is freaking nuts.

Jenn got a new couch. After me sitting and sleeping on it for like 7 years, Jenn using as a couch for a year, and being moved 3x, the futon gave up. She bought a new couch at Value City yesterday, and we picked it up today.

OK, that’s all I got.


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