News Wrap-Up

So, a lot of stuff thrown out in the last week or so, so here’s a wrap-up of everything.

I am over 90% sure I have a job with Northwest. Will know for sure everything on Wednesday, will let you know then.

The back entrance is near done. It is fully enclosed, including sheeting, roof shingles, windows, and door. Siding and drywall, and some loose ends, and the patio next.

A new poll is up, and as it hints, so are some pics. I have 2 galleries, one from last week in Minneapolis, and one from camping in June. Will post more after this poll.

I told you to watch Tour de France, but now it’s too late. It’s over. Wait till next year.

Jenn and I went fishing Friday night. Nothing as is now the norm. Oh well. Water temp was really warm.

That was some storm this morning. We think a surge fried our oven, it keeps beeping an error F9 message.

Think that’s it.

Click “Pics” up top to see the pics, and vote for your prefered size.


giggidy giggidy giggidy!

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