The Job Thing, Continued

OK, so I was freaking out Tuesday morning about going, but once Jenn got me to the airport and on the plane, I was fine. I landed in Minneapolis and after about 40 minutes, I figured out how to leave the airport and called a cab to Northwest’s headquarters. Filled out some paperwork, and was interviewed by the very nice Charlie. She said she really liked me and I had a good chance, then suggested I go to the mall till my flight left.

So, at the Mall of America I went to the Apple Store first, of course. Then ate at Ruby Tuesday’s and got on the train back to the airport. After a 45 minute delay in Minneapolis and a run through Detroit’s mile long terminal, I was home at about 8:00.

Overall, a fun day. Mall was a little disappointing, I would rather go to Somerset honestly, but not bad. Minneapolis seams like a cool city.

While I was gone, we thought my mom broke her foot, so I took her in to an orthopedic surgeon today, and found out no, but her knee is torn up.

Last night Jenn, her cousin and her boyfriend, and I went bowling. Had fun.

So, today I was called by Charlie, and she said the changed to position to temporary, and asked if I still want it. I said I guess so, since she said there is a good chance it would go to permanent in a few months. So, she said she would go talk to the next person up, and I should have a job offer soon. The way I heard it all, I am over 90% sure I have it.

So, a fun 3 days. I went almost 1100 miles in 3 airplanes, plus a train, 2 trams, 2 taxis, and 2 cars. Fun fun. And I have gotten way less sleep than I think I should have.

Scotty died. James Doohan passed away yesterday. Along with Star Trek, he was also a veteran of the Normandy invasion, where he was shot in the chest, leg, and right middle finger, which had to be amputated.

Anyway, thats all. See you Sunday I guess. By then I should know for absolute positive sure I think maybe.

And yes, I took pictures, and need to put them up. I need to put up a lot of pics.

till later,

This is funny.

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