Change and Dreams

I need to do something, I need something to change. I have all these dreams of things and I never do anything to bring them true. I once heard that dreams can’t come true, because then they would no longer be a dream, so maybe I should take the hint, or maybe I should stop calling them dreams and start calling them goals. That could be a good first step.

Anyway though, I want to ride my bike more, and swim better, and jog more, and maybe enter a bike race or triathlon, but I never do. I want to move out, and get a cool car, but I don’t even have a job to pay for what I have now. I want to read more, and be able to say I have read all the classics, and talk of great philosophers, and have a grand library of my own, but I seldom even read the books I have.

I want all these things, but I never act on them. I don’t even know why. Shouldn’t wanting something make you strive for it? Maybe I don’t really want them, just idly dream about them, and as dreams they can never become true. I don’t know.

I guess this isn’t a great time, because I am doing stuff, unlike over the last winter when I just sat and didn’t do much of anything for 6 months. Still though, I could, nay, should be doing something more.

Oh well, I just felt like a good off the wall rant, rather than the usual boring update.

Comments welcome.


You’re no special agent, you’re just some jerk that hates my mustache!

One thought on “Change and Dreams

  1. Robin says:

    hmmm….. Comments
    first I wipe my tears
    how many of your UN-accomplished goals are my fault?
    I demand more from you because of my MS
    Why didn’t I raise you to know dreams do come true?
    The greatest mistakes we make in life are not taking chances.
    Never give up your dreams, they are the reason we wake up every morning.
    I see you as so big, so smart, so compassionate. So giving so handsome so so so
    Thank You for being my rock
    my listener
    to often the one I vent to
    so many things
    Thank You! I Love You

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