Free Songs, Yay!

First of all, this will probably be shorter that it could be. A few hours ago I had the energy to write a big long update, but started playing SC4 and am now tired and not caring enough.

Anyway though, Slurpees now have free iTunes codes on them. On the white 32 oz. cups, there is a (12 digit, I think) code that can be entered into iTunes for a free song. Every cup has a code, its down toward the bottom. This kicks the ass off the Pepsi promotion, cause A) All cups win, 1 in 1 chance. And B) It’s summer, so we drink a lot of Slurpees. And finally C) You can walk in the store, grab some cups, and write down the codes, they are very visible. Anyway, if you buy a slurpee, write down the code and email/IM them to me, please.


I guess like I said, played SC4 most of today, went to Rudy Js with Jenn and Mom earlier. Roger is out of town through Monday so I am released from the backyard for a while.

Jenn has Thursday thru Monday off, so we might go to Alpena or camping or something.

That’s about all.


Sorry, still getting over the whole Intel in my Mac thing.

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