Apple, Now With Extra Dark Side

Bastards. How could they do it? After the toasted bunnies and all. Apple has announced they are switching to Intel processors. It is truly a confusing and troubling time for us all. I could go on about my theories of how this could outright kill Apple, or kill their hardware business, or their software business, or how its an evil plan to get rid of the Mac and become iPod only. But no, I won’t, because you probably don’t care.

There is also this long story about statistics that I keep wanting to tell, but you probably again don’t care. Besides, it is hot as hell and I don’t care if you care or not anyway, and just don’t feel like giving the effort.

Speaking of which, what the hell! It’s Michigan, were the crazy guys up north that are like Canadians, but don’t say “eh” as much. Why the hell is it 90 F-ing degrees out? Arlene is coming, maybe she will cool us down.

OK, I go sit in front of the fan.

See you Wednesday.


“The trouble ain’t that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain’t distributed right”
– Mark Twain

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