Camping 2005-02

Well, we are back from our second camping trip of the year. As you should know, we went to the Rifle River State Recreation Area. There were very few people there, and we had a lot of fun, despite a bit of rain and apparently a tornado watch.

We arrived just after 5, drove around to look at the available sites, then went back to the gate to reserve it and buy some firewood at the gas station across the street. After setting up, we got the fire going and we made chili and biscuits over the fire. We sat around for a while, and later went up to the gate to call my mom, since Jenn had no cell service. My mom updated me on all the latest stuff, and I let her know we were all right, and we headed back. To our surprise, we found we had a visitor. A raccoon was snooping around our campsite looking for scraps of food. Jenn hid in her car and I tried throwing stuff at it, and it eventually ran off. My problem was it was behind the table, so when I threw, it landed behind, and the raccoon was pushed forward toward us. Anyway, after all that, we hid our cooler inside and went to bed. There were a few thunderstorms overnight, but not too bad.

Wednesday morning, we woke up and I cooked scrambled eggs and biscuits (this time I used butter, and the came out of the pan WAY easier). We then drove around the park exploring and eventually back to the gas station for ice. We returned to camp, and decided to go swimming and do some fishing, so walked to one of the lakes and tried swimming first. Water was rather cool, and took us about 20 minutes to make it to our necks. We saw some small fish and minnows, and decided to venture toward the boat launch for fishing. There were some 4″ bluegill just below, and they would nibble on whatever we hung in front of them, but their mouths were too small to take a hook. Further out we couldn’t get anything easier. Then the rain started, so we ran back and ended up napping. After waking up, we built a fire and made beans and hot dogs. Soon after we finished though, the rain returned, so we decided to go look at Rose City 5 miles away. Of course, as soon as we left, the rain stopped, but we went anyway. We ended up stopping at the gas station on our way back (it became like our new Meijer) and Jenn got an ice cream cone. We got the fire back going, and sat around it for the rest of the night, with no more rain or raccoons.

This morning we packed everything up, and were home by 2.

Overall it was very good. It always rains on us though. The bugs were a little heavy too, in Mackinaw we had none. Still fun though. It was a lot cooler up there too, though with all the rain, especially late in the day, it made for very high humidity. Would have been nice to get just enough sun to dry everything up last night. My mom said the rain early Wednesday morning was accompanied by a tornado watch somewhere in the area.

I think thats it. We almost bought a raft for the lake, but decided no. I will have pictures up some time soon, I hope.

We saw maybe 8 people the whole time we were there. It was definitely nice. We were right between 2 of the 5 lakes.

OK, thats all.

Next time a ranting on Apple, anything I forgot from here, the Mike thing (finally), and a new poll.



Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

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