I’m Baaack

Sorry about my week long absence. It wasn’t really my absence though, it was my computers. There is a bug in a video chip on some iBooks that causes them to fail, and mine was one of those. Thankfully, Apple recognized it as an issue, and the repair was thusly free, though it did take a week to request, send, and receive. I lost video Monday morning, and received iBook back this morning. Hopefully it will be good to me for some time now.

I am reading an update stream from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference right now. There have been (in my opinion) false rumors going around that Apple may be switching to Intel chips. I think reality is that they are, but not as the main CPU, but as they already did a year ago for RAID controllers in some of their rack-mount equipment. Anyway, I will probably know the truth by the end of this blog.

So, the back entrance is gone, the patio is too, and we have a 6 ft deep hole in our backyard. Thats most of what I have been doing. The forms for the footings are in, and could be poured as soon as tomorrow, maybe Tuesday. After that, we build up block walls, lay a concrete slab, stick walls, stairs, and a roof. Then just re-level land, put up fence, seed lawn, plant some trees and shrubs and such, and we will be done. Yeah, easy.

We lost power for most of yesterday. Was a nasty storm. South end was one of worst hit areas in the state. Power went out during the second storm, was out about 3 or 4, and didn’t come back till 4 or 4:30. Woke us up cause all the lights and TVs and stuff that had been on, suddenly came back on. So we watched the news for a bit, then went to Rudy J’s, then back to sleep. Was almost unbearable trying to sleep without a fan or anything on.

Tim and my Grandma went to Pennsylvania for the weekend. They took Molly there (new one, not mine) because of a long story I don’t want to get into. I just hope the dog gets a good home.

Jenn and I are going camping tomorrow, for 3 days (Tuesday evening, Wednesday, Thursday morning) at RRRA. I will post on that Thursday night.

OK, I think that’s enough for now. Will add anything else I remember next time, along with a new poll.


“What are you doing here?”
“You know.”
“I don’t think I do.”
“Oh, I think you think you don’t know, but I know you do.”
Blank stare.

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