Gone Fishing!

I went fishing, 3 times now. Thursday, Friday, and today. Thursday I went, casted about 3 times, and WHAM! I got something.

Now, you must realize I haven’t been fishing in like 6 years, so I was excited as hell. I finally get it in, and I have no idea what it is, so i just stare at it. Finally, i realize its hanging there half in the water, and as I reach down to grab it, it snaps my line. I run back to the truck to get another lure, and can barely tie it on because I am shaking so much. So I run back to the water, and cast, and cast. A freighter goes through, and that was the end of it. I ended up loosing both lures I brought and finally went home. Friday went about the same, but with Jenn, and today was the same, but a new place so I didn’t snag, though Jenn did.

Our shed is now moved, and it was decided that due to the condition of the back entrance, it has to be rebuilt. So we started tearing it up today. Roger says should be down Monday.

Jenn and I our going camping a week from Tuesday. She opens Tuesday, then has Wednesday and Thursday off, so we will have plenty of time. Hopefully I can sneak away from backyard, and weather is nice.

OK, that’s all. I had something else, but the fishing was enough for now, and more important.


A jerk waiting on a jerk.

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