Is this anything special? I don’t think so, so it shall be general. This is 205th general, and 265th overall. That means over 77% are general posts. Wow.

One of the coolest features of OS X 10.4 is a new program called Dashboard, which allows you to put “widgets” on your desktop, mini apps that you can bring up and hide away with the touch of a key. Now, you can also get widgets buy buying Konfabulator, but that costs $$, and you can’t use all the new Dashboard widgets. Well, a new app called Amnesty is now out, and it’s free, and it uses Dashboard widgets. I have an issue with it though, you can’t press F12 to hide the widgets, and you don’t get the Apple OS X widgets, which are some of the best. Oh well, it’s not $20 for Konfabulator, and it’s not $69 for Tiger.

I have a new toy now, got it a few hours ago. I nice new Leatherman tool. The Kick. It came with the leather sheath though, and I want the nylon combo sheath, which also holds my Mini Mag Lite, which makes it cooler. Oh well, later.

My Uncle John is in town for my Aunt Jane’s funeral (my other Uncle John’s wife).

We laid our concrete yesterday morning, and lifted the shed up onto some 6x6s so we can slide is onto the slab on Thursday. We are still unsure of the patio, since the back entrance is so screwed up. I don’t know what’s going on half the time.

OK, that seems like it.

See you Wednesday.


I don’t care if you’re the queen of England.
I am the Queen of England!
And I said I don’t care!

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