Ants In My Pants

So, despite setbacks, the hole has been dug, forms set, and sand laid for the shed slab. Concrete will be here Saturday morning apparently. Once the slab is poured, and has set for 5 days, the shed is put on the slab, and the yard can be leveled (the main thing we are going for).

It has barely been a week and I am already getting antsy for more camping. I think its because we only did 1 night, and in Pinconning. I need a good 2 night, with some fishing too. I don’t think biking, since it requires taking the truck, etc… Maybe we should consider a bike rack for Jenn’s car?

What else…

I haven’t made it back to Mill End, perhaps tomorrow. I also want to make it to Bay Port to the fish market, but that’s a bit longer trip.

Tomorrow is my magic day, 20-05-2005 at 20:05:20.05 (May 20, 2005 at 8:05ish PM).

That’s about it. I guess I will see you Sunday.


Does it scare you that Ortho, the weed killer company, is also Ortho, the contraceptive company?

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