I Got Shot

Yup, downtown, in broad daylight, I got shot in the arm. It didn’t hurt as bad as they say though, everyone makes them out to be so horrible and such, but it really wasn’t bad. I’ll live I guess. Oh, I should mention it was a Tetanus / Diphtheria shot, huh.

We have been working on the backyard again. We keep finding more and more problems to work around. We are figuring it out though. I cut my hand Saturday evening on part of a fence post anchor, hence the tetanus shot.

Jenn and I went to Mill End today, to see what was left on sale. I found a few things, but had spent all my money on the shot. I plan on going back later in the week though.

Friday, as I mentioned, was Jenn and I’s first anniversary. I took her to TGIFriday’s, then we went back to her apartment for a while, and finally to see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Dinner was very good, potato skins, new york strip, and cheddar mashed potatoes. The movie, also, was good. A few part’s from the book were dropped out, and a few were added.

OK, I think that’s it. Nothing else I can think of anyway.

See you Thursday.


Mmm, Sacrilicious…

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