Camping 2005-1

Jenn and I went on out first camping trip of the year Tuesday. We ran to the dollar store on pine for a tarp, but they didn’t have a big enough one, then we went to Meijer for some pop and pillows. Next was Meats and Moore for some hot-dogs and to Wal-Mart for an air-mattress. Finally, we went to William’s Cheese store and to Frank’s for a cast iron pan, followed by a few last things at Pinny Plaza. Finally, we went and set up camp.

My tent is huge, the air mattress that filled Jenn’s tent barely made a dent in mine. We cooked dinner, some hamburgers and veggie burgers, in my new pan right on the fire, and it worked well. We got bored a little later and walked down to the water. There were 2 or 3 pike eating, and they were fun to watch. Like little sharks kinda, with their fins sticking up. Later we played Trivial Pursuit for a while but got bored with it, and it was too dark to see anyway.

Finally we went to bed, but barely slept because it was a bit too cold, and quite humid. I slept more than jenn did apparently. When we woke up there were a few sprinkles here and there so we decided to pack up and head home before we got more rain.

So that was camping. It was fun, and we will go again, and you can come if you want.

What else…

I busted up our sidewalk from the patio out to the fence over the last few days. We are getting more done in the backyard gradually, though I know my Mom wishes we were going faster.

I think thats it.

I am going to get ready to go out with Jenn, today is our 1 year anniversary.



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