The Local Fishwrap

That would be a good name for a newspaper huh? Too bad I have no news. Well, some…

I bought Trivial Pursuit at St. Vincent’s. Is the 1981 edition, and it makes Jenn and I feel stupider every time we play it. There are alot of questions in, for instance, the entertainment category, that are about actors who died 15 years ago, or movies from the 60s that we’ve never heard of. Oh well, used game for $2.50 still isn’t bad,

The problems with the template have been decidedly resolved. Still though, if you have problems let me know. I still make minor changes here and there, like making links become underlined when you point at them, too make them easier to find. Also, if you would like to see anything added, changed, etc…, feel free to let me know.

OK, Jenn and I are going camping now, so goodbye. We will be in Pinconning until tomorrow some time.

See you back here Friday,


Shearer’s, It’s Grandma Good…

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