General 200!

Well, as was described the last time this happened, this is a “Special” post, but cannot be categorized as such, because doing so would void the speciality. This post is the 200th to go in the General category, and thats a big number.

Poll seems to be going well. Seven votes at my last check.

As for the new template, I have heard that there may be a problem with IE Win, but it has not been confirmed. That I have tested, the blog works with Safari and FireFox on Mac (and I presume on Win), and does not work on IE Mac, but who the hell cares. The report of bad IE Win rendering is of an unknown version, but by attempted confirmation says that IE 6 Win does fine.

Anyway, if you have any problems with my blog or website, let me know, unless you use IE Mac, in which case too bad, get a real browser.

OK, I think that’s it. See you Tuesday.


The worst insults are generally the ones you don’t understand.

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