April Snow Brings More Weirdness in May

See, in Michigan, sayings about the weather are all off a bit. Like, “In like a Lion, out like a sheep”, no, thats all wrong. In Michigan, it’s more like “in like a monkey, out like a monkey” with all the feces throwing and being just all and all stupid most of the time.

Family Guy re-premiered tonight, and it was really good. I didn’t watch American Dad, because I didn’t feel like it, and I didn’t really enjoy the post Super-Bowl premier of it.

I am now up to chapter 10, book 5 of my book. Should finish tomorrow evening. Scott and I are going to see the movie next weekend I believe.

I think that’s it, not much else has really happened. I have re-did the template and am rather happy with it. And I had Old Great Wall for dinner. That’s it though.



Dude, if that’s all you can find wrong with this picture, you’re my hero.

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