I am now up to 21 free songs, thanks to mostly Jenn, but also Scott and my Mom. I have all the songs picked out, and have till May 23rd or something to buy them.

Jenn and I were bored Sunday, so we bought a pair of kites at a dollar store and flew them in a field behind her building. It was much fun, though mine wouldn’t stay up.

I have rode my bike quite a bit in last two days. I would be sad that its rainy tomorrow, but my ass is starting to get sore.

We went to ABC Warehouse today and got her a new TV. Err, she got it, I just stood there, then drove it home in the truck. She got cable hooked up today too, so she can now go online, and watch more than just WNEM/CBS.

And now for the techie part of the entry…

I’m sure most of you know who Adobe and Macromedia are (Photoshop and Acrobat/PDF for Adobe, Dreamweaver and Flash/Shockwave for Macromedia). Well, apparently they are merging. This is big news, especially since I can’t remember hearing a peep about this. There are 2 possible outcomes.

The first is the fear that Adobe will improperly utilize this new acquisition and end up killing Macromedia’s great products, much like it wound up doing with GoLive and others. It really isn’t Adobe’s fault, it is just that they began as a print media company, and that’s where many of their customers still are. So, web media, though still a focus, can not be their primary focus without alienating loyal customers. Hence, though Adobe knows there is money to be made in the web, and they have tapped into it on several occasions, they tend to end up with alot of misses for every hit, and this record may prove bad for Macromedia.

The second possibility is that Adobe leave’s well enough alone, and lets Macromedia continue on much as they have, but as a sort of web division. Let the current Adobe work on print media, and Macromedia work on web media, with collaboration between as needed. Drop Adobe GoLive, but keep Macromedia Dreamweaver. Drop Macromedia Freehand, but keep Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Keep the best of each, drop the weaknesses, and let each group do what they do best. It seems like common sense, but in the business world it is far harder to achieve, and easier to loose, than you can imagine.

But, I digress. Nobody knows what will happen, and the shareholders and SEC haven’t even approved it yet, so all we can do is wait.

And as a last note, Apple claims “Over 200 new features” in OS X 10.4 Tiger, that ships later this month. Well, they finally released a list with them all. Check it out here.

OK folks,


If you find handcuffs in the girls night stand, be mildly concerned.
If you find saw marks in the handcuffs, be very concerned.

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