The Big 250!

Yay! It’s blog entry 250! That means, well, that I have written crap like this 249 other times. It is quite an achievement though really. And the 2 year anniversary is just over a month away! Go me!

We got jenn moved into her new apartment yesterday, and picked up a few straggling items today. She has no cable, and no internet, so we have only 1 channel to watch. There is an antenna on the roof, but her coax cable is a bit chewed up so the signal gets lost some over it. Maybe swapping it will improve reception a bit.

It is finally nice out, yesterday, today, and from what I hear tomorrow too. I should get out on my bike or fishing or something.

I posted a test of the blog template, and it looks like I need to make some adjustments to the stylesheet. Nothing too bad, but it will probably be a week or so, depending on my mood and activities.

OK, thats all I think. See you all Tuesday I suppose.


It’s slicker than the back seat in Shaft’s ElDorado.

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