General 193

Nobody has an opinion? I mean, yeah, Scott already gave his opinion on the poll before I had posted it, but still, nothing? Geesh.

Family Guy returns to Fox with new episodes on Sunday, May 1st. Also, American Dad starts the same night, but I didn’t much care for it.

Want to see how new HDs will hold 10x more data? OK, how about a funny ass flash cartoon? Maybe you like stuff that is informative yet incredibly stupid at the same time? Well your in luck, all three are available from Hitachi in this cartoon.

I bought a fishing license. When jenn and I go camping we want to fish some, and I want to do some fishing around here too. It was $7 a day, or $15 for a year, plus another $13 if I want a trout/salmon stamp, but I’m not getting that yet.

OK, thats all for now I think. If you people would voice your opinion in the poll, you will get the new version sooner, and will get a new poll too.

Til Wednesday,


– Former EarthLink sign-up number

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